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A DJ is not merely the person that plays music in a club. DJs are kings of the night, transforming a plain evening into a majestic one.


Gabriele Rizzo, aka D'Argento, is one such king. His career as a DJ began when he decided to pursue his unwavering passion for music.


D'Argento's dedication to making and playing music honed his skills over the years. He has meanwhile produced several great songs, featuring as the lead singer.


„A song for you“ is his latest release, a song accompanied with a fantastic video created during the WMC (Winter Music Conference) in Miami in March 2011.


Let’s take a step back: D'Argento's is a professionally trained dancer and singer. His career officially took off in 1993, when he joined the Danceformation Rytmica and shortly thereafter received the opportunity to perform in a show at Germany’s main event ‘The Dome’. Among the artists were the likes of East 17, Tic Tac Toe, Mr. President. D'Argento was also cast in the supporting act for DJ BOBO.


After that, things started to roll and his big breakthrough came in 2002, when he released the track COME ON OVER. The song became a global hit. D'Argento was known under his alias JOHN SILVER at that time.


As an established artist, D'Argento not only produces house music but also has his own party label ‘D’Argento-Night’. The track "Ecstasy" was released under the label Pink Star Disko in 2008, including a stunning Remix by Germany’s Michael Mind.


In the studio, DJ D’Argento works with his long-time friend Michele Pelletieri, co-writer and guitarist. Massimo Fiorentino joined this successful duo as Manager in 2010.


2011 will be an important year for D’Argento. New tracks are ready for release and a studio album is in progress. His passion for majestic party nights has returned and „D’Argento Night“ is experiencing a revival in numerous clubs around Zurich.

Now in 2012, Dargento has some releases with Get Far, the Star from Italy. The new single Angel Queens in the international charts (Italian DJ-Charts place 13) in europe. They are planing a few new mixes for 2013 and spend a lot of time in the studio at the moment.

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